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"I've spent most of my life learning to paint like a child again."

Brent Hollingsead is a Lyons, Colorado based impressionist artist who's multitude of works play with texture, layering, abstraction and spontaneity. A graduate of Wittenberg University's Fine Arts program, he has translated his lifelong passion for art into his professional career as a graphic designer which is often reflected back in the dimensionality of each painting. From her serenity to her wrath, all expressions of nature inspire the core of Brent's work. Today, he is emerging as a seasoned artist with a passion for expressing authenticity in each brushstroke.



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Contact me direct to commission original works of your choosing. I always enjoy new challenges and collaboration, so ask me and I'll try to bring your concept to life within the stylistic world I live in.

Brent Founded Art Depot.com in 2001, and although I had created one of the first collaborative online art communities, the "dot com crash" helped me realize how much I had to learn about becoming an entrepreneur. After art directing in several multimedia agencies, I founded Freethink Studios in 2005, and enjoyed instant success with my interactive design agency which allowed me to do business on my own terms. I later cofounded BidModo.com, an online business services startup (2009). I also recently launched HootLoot.org, a website for academic goal creation. These entrepreneurial projects have been a perfect marriage of form and function, helping me explore the art of business and team collaboration.


Acrylics and torn vintage books
By Brent Hollingsead


The design sensibilities I've attained from "playing in the band" during my design career have emboldened and complimented my journey as a fine artist. I believe that sometimes we must live in the "norm" to understand how to best deviate from it. Today, I am emerging as a seasoned artist who's passionate about expressing my authentic self, reflecting the places and experiences of my life. I resonate with the words of the great Picaso who once said "I've spent 80 years learning to paint like a child again." Whether it's exercise, laughter, or meditation, we all yearn to find our way back to a child like spirit, and art seems to work for me.

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